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AND NOW LET us come to the disruptive forces
that have reduced that late-nineteenth-century
dream of a powerful world patchwork of more
and more civilised states linked by an ever-
increasing financial and economic interdepend-
ence, to complete incredibility, and so forced
upon every intelligent mind the need to work out
a new conception of the World that ought to be.
It is supremely important that the nature of these dis-
ruptive forces should be clearly understood and kept in
mind. To grasp them is to hold the clue to the world's
present troubles. To forget about them, even for a
moment, is to lose touch with essential reality and drift
away into minor issues.
The first group of these forces is what people
are accustomed to speak of as cc the abolition of
distance " and cc the change of scale " in human
operations. This " abolition of distance " began
rather more than a century ago, and its earlier